Forging Partnerships that Change Lives

Patriotic soldier salute



How we regard out returning Veterans in some part relates to how we consider the value of our citizenry.   As a nation we embrace our freedom and welcome the safety born from our protected boarders.  Our freedom is indeed not free.  In fact we as Americans proudly honor those who have committed their efforts to our Military in order to protect and serve our country.

The National Minority Technology Council recognizes the value and exceptional training, critical skill sets and proven talents our returning soldiers bring as they transition to a civilian work life.  For us hiring a Veteran makes sound business sense.  Also we consider that some returning Veterans should consider business ownership as a viable career option.

Our Soldier 4 Life Alliance Program was started to allow us as an organization to focus on providing a softer landing to those soldiers who are considering the technology field as a career choice.  We are forming alliances with industry partners and our network of minority technology company members, government officials and our Higher Education partners.